Course curriculum


    2. Finding sign of a number (using Flow Control Statements )

    3. Printing a Multiplication Table (using For Loop)

    4. How to generate your own QR Code

    5. Read any QR codes!

    6. Download Code (.IPYNB)

    1. Converting Kilometer to Miles (using input function and type casting)

    2. Celsius to Fahrenheit (string formatting and rounding)

    3. Number System Conversions (decimal, binary, octal & hexadecimal)

    4. Finding the roots of a Quadratic Equation (using cmath)

    1. Sum of Natural Numbers ( Using While loop )

    2. Addition of Matrices (Using nested for loops)

    3. Simple calculator (Using Functions and Conditional Statements)

    4. Generate a Pack of Cards and select 5 Random cards

    1. Temperature Conversion using functions and Classes

    2. Creating a Circle using Class and constructor

    3. Understanding Classes and functions better (Answering Student's questions)


    1. Student Class

    2. Time Class with Poor Logic (Logical Error)

    3. Modules and How to make your own Library

    4. Fixing Time class logical error (and Types of Errors)


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